07 – The Sodder Children and Woo Bum-kon

This episode is just Sara and Dana! Sara talks about the weird case of the Sodder Children, and Dana discusses one of the deadliest mass shootings in history, committed by Woo Bum-kon in South Korea. Join us for some strange and spooky stories. 

A missing poster that was made for the five Sodder children. 

(Right) A photo of Louis Sodder as a child

(Left) The photo Mrs. Sodder received in the mail years later. The man resembles what Louis Sodder may look like in his 30’s, which is the age he would be at the time she received the photo.

The writing that was found on the back of the photo of the mysterious man that Mrs. Sodder received. 

Woo Bum-kon, possibly AKA “Crazy Tiger.” He was the most deadly mass shooter in history from 1982 to 2011.

A map showing the progression of the murders. The important thing to note is that the towns shown are all very close together. The entire killing spree was done on foot within a span of around six hours. 

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