09 – The Fluoride Conspiracy and the Amityville Murders

Noted shill for Big Dentist Dana I. Rothschild reassures everyone that the water fluoridation conspiracy is ridiculous. Sara talks about the real-life murders that inspired the film “The Amityville Horror.” Also, Dana’s dad is our third host for this one!


Above: A flyer published in 1955 that shows the “unholy trinity” of vaccines, fluoridated water, and mental hygiene (the care and preventative treatment of mental illness) as a communist plot to deceive the public.
A modern infographic that uses scary and inaccurate language to scare people away from fluoride. Spoiler from the show: every bit of this is either a complete lie or a huge misrepresentation of the truth.


Mugshot of Ronald Joseph “Butch” DeFeo Jr. On November 21, 1975, he was found guilty on 6 counts of second degree murder for killing his 4 siblings and parents. He is now 67 and will spend his life in prison.

The Amityville house, located in Long Island, New York.

The DeFeo kids. Top (Left to Right): John Matthew (9), Allison (13) Marc (12) Bottom: Dawn (18) Ronald (22)

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