11 – ALIENS!!! (AKA The Lake Michigan Triangle and The Philadelphia Experiment)

Apologies for the sound on this one, but we thought it was too fun not to release. In this episode, we get into the weird theories of invisibility, aliens, and alternate dimensions. Listen to Sara confuse Isaac Newton with Johnny Appleseed! Listen to Dana try to explain the Theory of Relativity! 

The Michigan Triangle. It spans from Manitowoc, Wisconsin to Ludington, Michigan to Benton Harbor.

Steven Kubacki, he went missing in the Lake Michigan area when out on a skiing trip and returned 15 months later with seemingly no memory of his time gone.

The USS Eldridge, photographed in 1944.

A picture of Carl Meredith Allen, alias Carlos Miguel Allende, in the 1970s.

A transcribed version of the “Varo Edition” of The Case for the UFO by M.K. Jessup. Each different color represents a different “entity.”

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