12 – Aokigahara (Japan’s “Suicide Forest”) and the Chicago Ripper Crew

Dana tries to give some background as to the origin of Aokigahara, a forest in Japan, as the second most common site for suicide in the world. Sara gives a rundown of the Chicago Ripper Crew’s crimes and their sentences. 

A sign outside of the Aokigahara trail urges entrants to rethink their plans. In English it reads: ” Life is a precious thing given to us by our parents. One more time, let’s calmly think about our parents, siblings and children. Don’t be troubled by yourself, please confide in someone.”

Tape strung through the forest shows where sweeps for bodies have occurred or those having doubts have created a path to lead themselves back out of the forest.

The Chicago Ripper crew was a satanic cult that abducted and murdered women in the Chicago area from May ’81- Oct ’82.

4 of the suspected 18 victims of The Chicago Ripper Crew. Top (left) Linda Sutton (right) Lorraine Burowski Bottom (left) Shui Mak (right) Sandra Delaware.

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